Virtual Reality

All Night Gaming

All Night Gaming is available for groups and private events.
Otherwise all night sessions are unavailable at this time.



Weekend Midnight Passes

Console and Controller Repair


We will be CLOSED during these times. Times can change with little notice.
Please always call ahead!

4-23-21 CLOSED
4-24-21 4pm to 6pm PRIVATE EVENT
4-24-21 7pm to 9pm PRIVATE EVENT
4-24-21 9pm to Midnight OPEN PLAY $15
5-1-21 4pm to 7pm PRIVATE EVENT
5-2-21 2pm to 4pm PRIVATE EVENT
5-8-21 2pm to 5pm PRIVATE EVENT
5-8-21 5:30pm to 8pm PRIVATE EVENT
5-8-21 8pm to Midnight OPEN PLAY $25
5-15-21 1pm to 3pm PRIVATE EVENT
5-21-21 4:30pm to 7:30pm PRIVATE EVENT
5-22-21 Noon to 3pm PRIVATE EVENT
More private events will be added as they are confirmed!

We are closed during PRIVATE PARTIES.

Please call 706-305-3780 or email for more information.
PLEASE NOTE: Hours have changed. Any private parties or groups are NOT effected by the new hours.


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