Admission Cost

Monday – Thursday:
$3 Per Hour $15 Day Pass 2pm to 10pm

Friday – Sunday:
$4 Per Hour $15 Day Pass 2pm to 8pm

We are open all night every Friday and Saturday Night 8pm to 8am:
$15 per person includes pizza, a drink, and game time 8pm to Midnight
$25 per person includes pizza, a drink, and game time 8pm to 8am

VIP members, Group rates, Bring your own system rates, and other specials may apply!

Ages 12+ can be dropped off. Under 12 needs an older sibling, parent, or other supervision. Please come in side for pick ups!

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God of War on the PS4 is one of the highest rated games ever!
Take control of Kratos as he and his son set out on an epic journey fighting off creatures and the Gods of Norse Mythology.
The landscapes look amazing, the enemies can be as large as buildings, it’s a gaming experience unlike anything else!
The game has copious amounts of blood and gore and foul language so the younger crowd will need a parents permission.

DDR has arrived!

We are excited to announce DDR has been added to the selection of games included at Level Up!

Upcoming Events

4-28-18 11am to 1pm
4-28-18 2pm to 4pm
4-28-18 4:30pm to 6:30pm
5-5-18 Noon to 3pm
5-19-18 3pm to 6pm
7-7-18 8 Year Anniversary (All Day)

We attempt to book events at least 2 weeks in advance. However we will book events on short notice and apologize for any issues that it causes.


Contact Robert at 706-305-3780 or email if you wish to reserve Level Up for your party!

The weekend of July 7th and 8th we are celebrating our 8th anniversary!

This is an exciting time for us and we hope you all come enjoy it with us!

We’ll grill and cook out for most of the day Saturday and we’ll have tournaments, video game scavenger hunts, and other cool things to take part in!

Open 7 Days a Week!

All Night Gaming

All Nighters Every Friday and Saturday
$15 for 8pm to Midnight
$25 for 8pm to 8am
Pizza and 1 soda included!



Console and Controller Repair

Virtual Reality