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We host a great number of private events. These are exclusive events for birthdays, sports teams, or any celebration or gathering.
Prices start at $250 for 2 hours and $75 per hour after the first 2. Currently we are booking events 6 weeks in advance!
Adjustments for smaller groups or longer events are made often!
Please call ahead to check availability.

Playstation 5

Playstation 5 has arrived at Level Up!
We have one unit for up to 2 players on the floor with multiple games installed.
We have a second unit running one of the PSVR systems in the front room.

If you haven’t got to play PS5 yet do not wait stop by and ask for a demo or buy some time and play for a while!

Level Up Game Center has video games of every type.
Old school arcades, retro video games like NES, N64, and Dreamcast. Console games like Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PS4, PS5, and Playstation Virtual Reality. Also Pool, Air Hockey, and Foosball!
Tables and seating for up t0 50 guests easily.

Please always call ahead!
We are updating the schedule as fast as possible!
We are booking events at a rapid pace if you have a date and time in mind DO NOT wait!

1-21-22                      OPEN PLAY 6PM TO 12AM
1-22-22                      CLOSED 10AM TO 12PM
1-22-22                      CLOSED 1PM TO 3PM
1-22-22                      CLOSED 4PM TO 7PM
1-22-22                      OPEN PLAY 7PM TO 12AM
1-23-22                      CLOSED 11AM TO 1PM
1-23-22                      CLOSED 2PM TO 6PM
1-23-22                      CLOSED 6:30PM TO 8:30PM
1-28-22                      CLOSED 6PM TO 8AM
1-29-22                      CLOSED 10:30AM TO 1:30PM
1-29-22                      CLOSED 2PM TO 4PM
1-29-22                      CLOSED 5PM TO 7PM
2-5-22                        CLOSED 12PM TO 2PM
2-5-22                        CLOSED 3PM TO 5PM
2-6-22                        CLOSED 2PM TO 4PM
2-12-22                      CLOSED 12PM TO 3PM
2-12-22                      CLOSED 3:30PM TO 6:30PM
2-19-22                      CLOSED 4PM TO 7PM
3-5-22                        CLOSED 12PM TO 2PM
3-12-22                      CLOSED 11AM TO 1PM
3-26-22                      CLOSED 1PM TO 3PM

OPEN dates or times may be reserved and dates will be adjusted as reservations and deposits are made!
We are closed to the public during PRIVATE PARTIES.
Times are subject to change with very little notice!
Booking 6 weeks in advance will give you the best chance to book the time you prefer!

Please call 706-305-3780 or email for more information.



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