Level Up Game Center

3837 Martinez Blvd.

Augusta, Ga 30908

(706) 305-3780



Prices and Hours


1 hour $3

2 hours $5.50

4 hours $10

Day Pass $20

VIP, Bring Your Own System, and group prices available.

Store Hours:

Monday - Friday      2pm to 1am


(M-T we close earlier if there aren't 6+ players in the store)

Saturday                2pm to 8am Sunday Morning

(We open at 2pm provided there are no private events on the schedule)

Sunday                          Closed

(We will schedule private parties on Sunday)

We also offer:
Bulk Hours           Group Discounts
Private Parties     Tournament Hosting
Console Repair     Disc Repair




If you want to host a tournament for any game of your choosing please contact us at levelupjjackson@gmail.com or 706-305-3780.


We hold many special events, BBQ's, All Nighters (on Saturday), Charity events, Youth group events, ect. If you have a special organization you work with or event you would like to host please contact us!



You are welcome to call (706)-305-3780 or email levelupjjackson@gmail.com Anytime after 2PM to check availability.

Set up your private party, sports team banquet, tournament, all night event, youth group event, church lock in, birthday party, bachelor party, or any other special event you have in mind today.

We currently booking events at a very rapid pace. Please call the shop 706-305-3780 or email Robert at levelupjjackson@gmail.com. Include possible party dates, number of guests, and any additional information that may be required such as your name and phone number to help us confirm your party date and time!


Come play at Level Up and play on any of the following:

  • 32" stations for 1-2 players
  • 60" Party Suites for 4-6 Players
  • Gaming PC's
  • Xbox 360's
  • PS3
  • Wii
  • PS3 MOVE
  • Xbox Kinect
  • 3D Gaming
  • Foosball
  • Air Hockey
  • Bumper Pool
  • Pool Table (now included in the daily and hourly prices)

Take Your Game To A New Level

If you play games online chances are you've ran into some of these problems:

  • Lag or dropped games due to poor connection speeds
  • No communication between team mates
  • Using split screen to play on line
  • No social interaction



Solve all of these problems by playing at Level Up Game Center:

  • 50Mbps Download 12Mbps Upload Connection speed is not an issue even with 30 people playing at once
  • Instant communication, no microphones needed you'll be sitting beside your team mates
  • No Split screen (unless we are full or you are on one of the 60" screens)
  • Social, family friendly, environment with something for EVERY gamer
  • We aren't limited to just video games, surf the web, shoot some pool, play air hockey, or foosball.

A short video inside LEVEL UP GAME CENTER.

We are constantly adding new games, posters, so the set up in side changes often.

Take your gaming to the next level at Level Up!

Take Your Game To A New Level

Level Up Game Center focuses on providing a clean, safe, fun environment for gamers of all ages. It doesn't matter if you're 9 or 39 there's something for you here.  From the latest and greatest Multiplayer and Online games, to 3D, movement, and music games. First person shooters, strategy, fighters, platformers, real time strategy, even popcap games like those found on Facebook.  Mom and Dad can Shoot Pool while the kids play their favorite video games.  We offer a large selection of Snacks and Drinks, including a few that can not be found anywhere else in town. We also offer console repair and disc repair. You can Schedule your next birthday or tournament at a location with 30 systems to choose from and 100's of games.