Birthday Parties, Banquets, and Private Events

Private events work well for small or large groups.
We have enough stations to keep up to 50 players on a game.
Tables, chairs, counter space, are all in the back area.
Games range from Pac Man on arcade, NES Mario/Duck Hunt, to PS4 and PS Virtual Reality.
Prices start at $250 and can be adjusted based on the number of total guests and duration of the event.
Events can run 2 hours or longer.
There are no age limits or restrictions players will be responsible for starting and playing their own games.

PLEASE KEEP ALL FOOD, CAKE, PIZZA, and DRINKS in the back area around the tables!
Please contact us directly at 706-305-3780, use the contact form below, or email for more details on pricing and availability.
We look forward to hosting your event!

Event Information and Booking

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