All repairs should be scheduled. Call ahead 7063053780. Be sure that someone is here to help you and if you can book an appointment to have your damaged, broken, or nonworking console checked out.

Please note all repairs should be scheduled. Any repairs dropped off during the weekend will be diagnosed and worked on the following week!

Console Repairs

  • Disc Drive Replacement ($50 plus cost of drive.)
  • Power Supply Replacement ($50 plus cost of power supply)
  • Retro System Repair (Depends on system)
  • Hard Drive Upgrades/Firmware Issues ($50 install and update if you purchase drive)
  • HDMI Repair ($40 deposit $100 due upon completion) $140 total.
  • Cleaning ($75 plus cost of fan if needed)
  • Purchase Broken Systems (We will make an offer based on condition)
  • Standard Controller Repair Battery or USB ($15-$25)
  • Standard Controller Repair Stick Drift or Stutter Step ($40-$60)
  • After market or modded controller repair is not available at this time.
  • Over Heating Issues ($75-$125+ depending on system model)

Some repairs can be completed while you wait some take longer cleanings can be 24 to 48 hours, HDMI can be up to several weeks.

Prices given over the phone are ESTIMATES only. Only prices given in person in writing can be considered accurate quotes.