The Last Days of Level Up

Currently our last day here will be June 25th 2022.
There are no solid plans in place to reopen the arcade.
I will still be repairing and buying/selling video games and related items in the Augusta area.

We listed the property for sale in 2021. We received a valid offer and accepted.
The sale in no way reflects the amount of support and business we have done and will continue to do until the end of June.
The Augusta area from Grovetown to North Augusta to downtown has always been supportive. That is how we remained open from
2010 to 2022.

We are in the process of talking to others interested in a similar business in the area.
We are also planning our own unique business idea(s) that will be announced when there is a little more to share.

This shop was like a part of my family including all of the employees, volunteers, and customers that passed through here.
The games we played and the friendships that were forged will always be remembered.

If you have time before June 25th 2022 please feel free to stop by, play a game, or just say hello!
Thanks Again!